Tyre Replacement Programs


TSEKOULIAS SA as an ELASTRAKCLUB Store can provide to the costumers the following tyre replacement program:

Tyre Replacement Program

In the even of accidental, irreparable damage to your tyre, as an Elastrakclub member you will be entitled to replace your tyre at a significantly discounted rate. The discount is based on the list price of the tyre, according to the following formula:

• 60% discount, 1st day to 4months
• 40% discount, 4 to 8 months
• 20% discount, 8  to 12 months

Attention. For those customers that have purchase their tires before September of 2008, the terms that were place in the time of the purchase will be honoured ( 60% discount , 1st day to 2 months, 40% discount, 2 to 4 months, 20% discount, 4 to 6 months).

Bring your damaged tyre and your elastrakclub card to any Elastrakclub store. This program applies to passenger car and 4×4 tyres only (excluding TAXIs).

With the purchase of Bridgestone/Firestone or Dayton tyres from the Elastrakclub dealer network you will become a member of Elastrakclub. Also, through its dealer network, Elastrak will replace your tyre in case of accidental unrepairable damage valid up to 12 months after the purchase of your tires.


Visit an Elastrakclub store for a free check for your tyres!

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